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Looking to receive the latest in-depth news? Welcome to Service. We update our content daily. We offer a wide selection of newspapers, magazines as well as journals for your perusal. Whether you are looking for a new item to read or a continuing subscription of your favourite magazine, we have it all. From supplying daily newspapers to weekly editorials to monthly magazines, Service can deliver reliably. To get more information on prices, as well as item availability, come by our stand in the local area and make enquiries through our booking form.

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Our business model has always been about customer care, first and foremost. That’s why we have continued to thrive and are always proud to provide the best services to all our loyal customers. The feedback we are getting shows we have been positively affecting the lives of our customers by keeping them both entertained and informed, around the clock. It's easy to see why we get so many great recommendations.

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Though we have a stand, we also offer subscription services to our loyal customers who wish to read news from the comfort of their homes. Whether you come down to our shop in person or you have subscribed for our services online, we guaranteed prompt availability of the most recent newspapers and magazines. Aside from the latest news, we also have a range of other reading material to keep your mind fully immersed. And, of course, we always keep our costs reasonable.


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